A luxurious outdoor area where you can enjoy hot springs and glamping together.

Shinshinotsu Onsen Tappu-no-Yu / Chief Tatsuya Sakamoto
–  Line 45 North 2,  Shinshinotsu village,Ishikari-gun TEL.0126-58-3166
Glamping period May to October
●Glamping reservation deadline 3 days in advance
*interviewed in June ,2021

Hot springs and glamping
Luxury outdoors that you can enjoy together.

Shinshinotsu village is about a 50-minute drive from Sapporo. It is the only village in the jurisdiction in the northern part of the Ishikari Promotion Bureau, surrounded by a 360-degree horizon. Shinshinotsu Onsen, located in such an idyllic rural landscape, has gained great popularity since June 2017. By the way, what is the charm of glamping unique to Shinshinotsu Onsen? We asked Mr. Sakamoto (hereafter, title omitted) who is the chief of Shinshinotsu Onsen.

Glamping sleeping in bed in a tent.

——— is the difference between camping and glamping?

Sakamoto: In this day and age, outdoor activities such as camping are becoming more and more popular. In the 1990s, autocamp boomed, and people with no experience in camping also visited auto campsites. However, the weakness of the camp is its weakness against changes in the weather and the inconvenience peculiar to the outdoors. Therefore, on the other hand, there are some people who prefer lodges instead of tents. Meangh, glamping, which began to become popular overseas, came to Japan. Glamping is a combination of glamorous and camping, and is a full-ranging nature experience facility that frees you from troublesome tent construction and meal preparation. “It’s great to be able to enjoy nature and sleep in bed in a tent at night!” And it has been very popular with those who are using it.

You can also enjoy the hot springs as much as you like!

——— what glamping is provided by Shinshinotsu Onsen Tappu-no-Yu.

Sakamoto: It is available from the end of April to the end of October every year. In addition to sofas, beds, and refrigerators as facilities in the tent, there is also a bathing free pass ticket so you can enjoy the hot spring as much as you like at any time. And most of all, we have a barbecue set with Dutch oven dishes for a slightly rich dinner. Fresh vegetables vary depending on the season, but peppers, paprika, eggplant, zucchini, etc. are all locally produced in Shinshinotsu Village. Barbeque is available for dinner, so it’s okay to rain. Breakfast is served in the hot springs. It is a big pride that you can enjoy “fun glamping” and “healing hot spring” together.

Glamping 35km from Sapporo.

——— you enjoy glamping?

Sakamoto: Every year, in summer, many people enjoy it. Everyone has a lot of ways to enjoy them, but there are many people who check in at 14:00 and then play on the lakeside and enjoy cycling. Lake Shinotsu is beautiful with the sunset dyed the lake golden on a clear day, so it is also one of the recommended scenery. Enjoy a barbecue at dinner from 5:00 p.m., and feel the night go down while healing your tired body in the hot spring this time. All spacious bathtubs are flowing from alkaline sources, and there is also a private open-air bath where you can spend your time without your family. At night, also look up at the beautiful starry sky. Just about 35km northeast of Sapporo, I would like you to spend a memorable luxury and fun summer vacation in Shinshinotsu Village where you can enjoy hot springs and glamping together.