The view of the city from the top of the mountain. The beautiful night view that Japan is proud of is in Sapporo.

Sapporo Mt.Moiwa Ropeway / Ms.Moe Wakasa
– 5-3-7 Fushimi, Chuo-ku, Sapporo City
●Business hours 【Summer】10:30-22:00 (up to 21:30) [Winter] 11:00-22:00 (up last 21:30)
●No regular holidays
*interviewed in June ,2021

The view of the city from the top of the mountain.
The beautiful night view that Japan is proud of is in Sapporo.

At the Night View Summit 2018, Mt. Moiwa has been certified as one of Japan’s three new night views, and the summit observation deck is also recognized as a “sacred place for lovers.”. There is also a tree where owls stop on the way to the summit, and We asked Ms.Wakasa (hereafter, honorific title abbreviation) who teaches us that “if you are lucky ethrope, there may be good things”, about the charm of Sapporo Mt.Moiwa Ropeway, which seems to meet various other happy things.

Sapporo Mt.Moiwa Ropeway Cabin Mate Kana Takahashi

The magic hour sky is the most beautiful!

——— the outline and charm of the facilities of The Sapporo And Sapporo Mt.Moiwa Ropeway.

Wakasa ”Sapporo Mt.Moiwa Ropeway” is a facility located in Mt.Moiwa at an altitude of 531 meters, and started operation in 1968. It is made up of three facilities: The Foot of Mt.Moiwa Station, intermediate station, and The Top of Mt.Moiwa Station, and there is a ticket counter and ropeway station at The Foot of Mt.Moiwa Station, a mini cable car stop and souvenir shop at intermediate station, and an observation deck and a casual restaurant at The Top of Mt.Moiwa Station. There is also a “sightseeing expressway” (charged) as it is due in summer, so you can go up to the middle by car directly.
You can enjoy fresh greenery in spring, mountain climbing in summer, autumn leaves, and skiing in winter in any season throughout the year. I can enjoy beautiful scenery in each of the four seasons, but in the time zone, I personally like the magic hour, the scenery from dusk to night view. The appearance of changing from orange to purity sky is very fantastic and supremely beautiful. It depends on the weather conditions, so I would be lucky if I could see such a beautiful sky.

The night view you meet in the finished air is impressive.

——— “Japan’s Three New Night Views”, has been re-certified as of 2015.

Wakasa There are three major night views in the world and three major night views in Japan, but in 2015, a brand called “Japan’s Three New Night Views” was born as a new Japanese brand. At this time, Sapporo City was selected as one of japan’s three new night views along with Nagasaki City and Kobe City, and was re-certified in 2018. It is chosen by qualified people who are japanese night view watchers, and the reason for the certification is that there are plenty of viewing facilities such as Mt. Moiwa, Mt. Okura, Sapporo TV, Asahiyama Park, etc. As a result of being certified, more tourists came.
Hokkaido has low temperatures and clear air, so I think the lights of the city look cleaner and clearer. If you see the direction of Odori and Susukino from the observation deck, you will be overwhelmed by the amount of light. It’s like it’s studded with jewels. I would like many people to see this night view, which is described as a “carpet of light” and a “sparkling jewelry box”.

I proposed here and succeeded!

——— about the “Bell of Happiness” at the viewing platform.

Wakasa: In 2012, the facility was recognized as a “Sacred Place for Lovers”, and a “Bell of Happiness” is installed on the roof of the summit observation deck. There is a legend that if a couple rings a bell and attaches a “love padlock” with their names on the railings around them, they will never part. Some of our customers said, “I proposed here and succeeded!” Some people say, “I’m not going to let you down.” If you are thinking of one of the major events of your life in the future, please go to our facility!
On the way to the summit by ropeway, there is a “tree where owls stop” where you can see from inside the car. Owls only show up on a whim, so if you meet them, you may be lucky to visit.
The suburbs of Sapporo are full of rich nature, but even in this city, there is a place where you can enjoy nature and beautiful night view in this way. While living in Sapporo, it is a luxurious way of life unique to Sapporo to come to see the night view at the end of the day.