Local production for local consumption in Ishikari City, which is easily accessible from Sapporo. Let’s experience the uniqueness of Hokkaido by BBQ at the campsite!

Ishikari City / Ishikari City 120-3 Tarukawa, Ishikari City Other
Hokkai Gakuen University
Faculty of Law  Yoshina Ide 4th year,
Faculty of Law Yuna Oguro 1st year,
Department of Politics, Faculty of Law Rento Fukuhara 3rd year,
Department of Regional Economics Tomoka Yamaguchi 3rd year,
*Interviewed in November, 2021

Local production for local consumption in Ishikari City, which is easily accessible from Sapporo. Let’s experience the uniqueness of Hokkaido by BBQ at the campsite!

Ishikari City is located from the center of Sapporo through Kita-ku, Sapporo City, and the city has a long vertical area, both an urban side and a side of the rural area full of nature. In addition, it is easy to go to play about an hour’s drive from Sapporo, and despite the many delicious food and memorable places that are comparable to powerful sightseeing spots in Hokkaido such as Sapporo, Otaru, and Hakodate, we, young people living in Sapporo and tourists. In addition, domin (Hokkaido people) like BBQ (barbecue) in no kind. There is a culture of casual BBQ, such as a beach and a garage at home. I think that this is because hokkaido has a cooler summer temperature than kanto, so in addition to being easy to work outside, the land is wide and the distance from the neighboring house makes it difficult to cause smoke and smell problems, and hokkaido has a culture of eating Genghis Khan, and I think that there was a custom of grilling meat using shichirin outdoors. This time, in order to experience such Hokkaido’s uniqueness and get to know the charm of Ishikari City, we will introduce a tour course of Ishikari City with the theme of local production for local consumption. The order of the tour is tore and → Atsuta Port Morning Market → Atsuta Campsite→ roadside station Airodo Atsuta → Mourai’s slope → selfish farm café → banya hot water.

JA Iysyi Local Product Market Tore sato with fresh ingredients necessary for BBQ

First, we will procure food. The first place to go is “JA Ishikari Local Market Torenosato”, which is about a 30-minute drive from the city center of Sapporo. Here you will find many ingredients that are perfect for BBQ, such as fresh vegetables and tore and limited processed products from Ishikari City. Vegetables are purchased directly from farmers in Ishikari City except for some, and photos of suppliers’ farmers are displayed on the walls. There is a big attraction that you can buy safe and fresh vegetables made by Ishikari farmers and delicious pork that Ishikari City is proud of, such as brand pork “Morai Pork” and “Tarukawa Pork” that can not be easily bought at supermarkets.

~ Special meats from Ishikari –

This Genghis Khan is processing Yezo deer. Instead of just exterminating yezo deer, which are harmful animals for farmers, it is emoted with the thoughts of producers who value life by processing and consuming them. Yezo Deer Genghis Khan is a meat that is easy to eat without a smell, with a good taste soaked in. Similarly, you can purchase rare meats such as “Tore sato original Genghis Khan”, a popular mutton with sausage using Yezo deer, Ishikari hormone, and onions. In addition, we also deal with loin of “Morai pork” introduced earlier. Morai pork is characterized by a sweet fat and light taste, and you can get this Morai pork as a luxurious BBQ ingredient.

– Fresh vegetables purchased directly from farmers ~

This “Kita Akari” is a variety suitable for potato butter because it is characterized by a hokuhoku tactile feeling. If you bake the whole skin and look at the contents, you can feel the beautiful yellow color and sweetness that is called chestnut potato. Speaking of Hokkaido, you can enjoy potato butter and the famous taste of Hokkaido with the utmost taste.

Torenosato, where you can get a variety of vegetables, was surprised by the large variety. Even one pumpkin is lined up with many kinds such as “butternut”, “dark horse”, “primera white”. You can also eat and compare the blessings of Hokkaido. This time I interviewed in autumn, and what I introduced was autumn vegetables. In the summer of the BBQ season, you will be able to choose from more kinds of vegetables. Please stop by “Torenosato”, where you can buy Ishikari vegetables and meat together.

~ Raise your mood with sweet soft before traveling ~

At Torenosato, you can not only buy ingredients, but also buy souvenirs from Ishikari City. In addition, it is a big attraction that you can enjoy soft serve ice cream. The taste of soft serve ice cream varies depending on the season, and the end of autumn we visited was pumpkin flavor. You can enjoy the taste of seasonal fruits and vegetables such as peanut taste and strawberry taste. In addition, this soft serve ice cream is very large, so the satisfaction is amazing. Why don’t you take a break after buying BBQ ingredients and start with a refreshing feeling? < Basic Information > Name: JA Iysari Local Market Torenosato Address: 120-3 Tarukawa, Ishikari City Tel: 0133-73-4500 Business hours: Summer (April to November): 9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Winter (December to March): 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Closed: Every Wednesday in winter

A bustling morning market with fresh fish

~ Near the campsite The color of fish that changes depending on the season ~

After purchasing meat and vegetables at Torenosato, head north on National Route 231 to the Atsuta Port Morning Market. The morning market is located near the campsite, so you can buy fresh seafood fresh and bring it to the campsite right away. The morning market is held from early April to mid-October, and from May, overnight dried and dried flatfish of kalei, octopus, and shin are lined up, and flounder is lined up from June to July. In summer, you can get sea urchins. The Atsuta Port Morning Market is held until around noon every day, and it is a nice point that it fits for 10 minutes even after shopping for “Tore sato”.

~ Surprisingly cheap and quantity ~

The biggest attraction of the morning market is this low price (pay attention to the photo!). )。 It is a cheapness that can not be seen in supermarkets. In addition, it is a feature of the Atsuta Port morning market where the campsite is close that you can easily enjoy the experience of “purchasing fish at the market and baking nearby”, which is difficult in the city. In addition, rice sushi and herring pickles are also available at the morning market. The seafood that is lined up varies depending on the season and the day, so please enjoy the seafood you found that day luxuriously at BBQ. < Basic Information > Name: Atsuta Port Morning Market Address: 7-4 Atsuta, Atsuta-ku, Ishikari City Tel: 0133-78-2006 Business hours: early April to mid-October from 7:00 to 14:00

Atsuta Campground where you can fully enjoy nature and Ishikari

“Atsuta Campground” is where you can enjoy BBQ, which is the theme of this tour course. In this era when it is required to secure social distance due to the influence of corona, camping where you can enjoy an open feeling in nature became a boom, and many people came to at Atsuta Campground. The road from Atsuta Port Morning Market to Atsuta Campground is one-way, and the way goes is to the destination by route passing through the Moon-shaped Atsuta Line (Road No. 11). On the way back, you will go through the pass road and go out to the parking lot of “Road Station Airodo Atsuta”. Trees grow thick on the mountain path on the way back, and you can also see the sea from among the trees.

The Makisa-in River flows through the Atsuta Campground, and you may be able to see autumn salmon go up in early September as well as playing. You can also enjoy a zipline that glides down a wire rope surrounded by trees. In addition, there was a plan to rent out a set of camping equipment and enjoy empty-handed camping, but it was very popular (in 2021 it was held only on Saturdays and Sundays from July to September). In the future, by installing frozen vending machines and selling food in the management building in the center of the campsite, it seems that they want to make it a more convenient campsite. Atsuta Campground continues to evolve in order not only to give healing to many people, but also to have a good time. There is a lot of excitement that nature overflows in atsuta campsite brings us. Why don’t you have a good time while tasting ishikari ingredients at BBQ at a campsite rich in nature? < Basic Information > Name: Atsuta Campsite Address: Atsuta City, Ishikari City Aurodo Park Tel: 0133-78-2100 (Local Management Center) 0133-78-2300 (Outside the period: Aifu Co., Ltd.) Opening period: April 29 to October 31

How to enjoy is Michi-no-Eki Ishikari “Airodo Atsuta” for each person

– The history and charm of Ishikari felt from canned food –

The roadside station “Airodo Atsuta” is a very popular roadside station used by as many as 400,000 people a year. Ishikari City has a history of building the first cannery in Japan, and the roadside station handles a wide variety of canned goods such as pork soup and curry. Next to the drink vending machine, there is also a vending machine for the popular “Isi Curry”. “Isi Curry” became a signboard product that various people, such as touring customers who stopped by the toilet, would buy it.

In addition, posters of canned products manufactured for the first time are displayed in the facility, and you can purchase canned food that mimics the design at the local product sales corner. The roadside station is also easily accessible from Atsuta Campground, and it is very convenient to stop by before going to the campsite and buy more drinks and food. In that case, how about canned food to accompany BBQ?

– Commitment to “Ishikari” –

It is not only canned goods that you can feel the charm of Ishikari. Jams and juices made from Ishikari vegetables and fruits, puddings and baked sweets made with Ishikari eggs, and Japanese sweets such as manju and rinchu are also sold. When I looked at the label stickers of the products handled at roadside stations, all of them had the names of the company in Ishikari City and the names of Ishikari products. About 150 companies offer products related to Ishikari City at “Airodo Atsuta”, and you can buy them here at once! In addition, we also handle attractive miscellaneous goods handmade by local people. Products made with local products are loved not only by tourists but also by locals.

~ Enjoy watching ~

At “Arodo Atsuta”, you can enjoy shopping and eating, as well as watching and enjoying. On the rooftop observation balcony, you can see the beautiful horizon and the scenery of the port such as “Atsuta Port Morning Market” while hitting the sea breeze. In addition, the “Atsuta Observatory”, which can be walked from the roadside station, has been selected as a romantic spot suitable for proposals, and on a sunny day, you may see stained glass shining with light shining and beautiful scenery where the sunlight reflects off the surface of the sea.

< Basic Information > Name: Road station Ishikari “Ailodo Atsuta” Address: 98-2 Atsuta, Atsuta-ku, Ishikari City Tel: 0122-78-2300 Business hours: 10:00-16:00 Closed: open all year round

On the way back from the roadside station Airodo Atsuta, I came to Umi-no-Miyuruzaka and looked at Atsuta.

On the way back from roadside station Airodo Atsuta to Sapporo, when you run on the Sea of Japan Ororon Line (National Route 231), you will see a parking space on the right side of the course. This is a scenic spot in the middle of a downhill along National Route 231, just halfway between two bus stops named Mochiraizakaue and Mochiraizakashita. From here, you can see the Sea of Japan, mountains such as Mt. Kokan betsu in the center, and wind turbines of wind power generation in the hilly area on the right side of the slope. With the pleasant fatigue of camping and BBQ, you can look back at the superb view of Ishikari City, and 30km to Sapporo Station. Let’s get motivated and get home. < Basic Information > Name: Mochi-no-Saka Address: Mochi, Atsuta-ku, Ishikari City

Selfish Farm Cafe

Why don’t you stop by a stylish café for a break and a little early dinner? It is a little far from National Route 231 of the tour route, but I will introduce it because there is a recommended café using local ingredients. This time, we spoke with Katsuyoshi Tanaka, the owner of the restaurant, and Emi, the third daughter in charge of cooking.

– A café that focuses on local ingredients from Nagoya to Ishikari –

Katsuyoshi Tanaka, the owner of the store, quit his job as a salaried worker and started a new farm in Ishikari from Nagoya. After that, he opened a café in a renovated barn on the site. Emi, the third daughter who has experience as a cook in Tokyo for about 10 years, is in charge of cooking in general. Most of the vegetables used in cooking are harvested on the farm, and the pork used as the main dish is also a café that sticks to local ingredients, such as using local Ishikari pork!

– Commitment to cultivation that maximizes the taste of vegetables –

Mr. Tanaka talked about “organic cultivation” and “not using pesticides” as the points of cultivation. Currently, the farm grows nearly 20 kinds of vegetables, mainly tomatoes, asparagus, corn, and potatoes, and all vegetables have been grown without pesticides for 20 years. If there were insects, I patiently removed them one by one by hand, and faced them one by one with vegetables. We are also particular about soil making, we put in organic matter, and emphasize the safety and security of consumers without using chemically synthesized fertilizers. Takaoka says that the vegetables harvested at such farms are characterized by their ability to maximize the original taste of vegetables. Ishikari’s unique clay soil and pesticide-free produce a strong taste, and sweet things such as tomatoes are sweeter and are proud vegetables that further enhance the original taste of vegetables.

~ Selfish Salad BOWLS ~

It is a standard menu of the shop using fresh vegetables. In the center is a hearty dish that uses plenty of vegetables harvested from the farm and vegetables provided by local farmers, with bacon of Mochirai pork raised at the local North Best Farm and free-range eggs of chickens that feed 100% from Hokkaido at “Flying Bird Farm”. It is my recommended dish that you can enjoy the taste of fresh and original vegetables.

~ Tamba Chestnut Autumn Parfait ~

It is an autumn limited parfait using chestnuts unique to autumn. It is a parfait that is irresistible for pancakes, coffee cakes, soft serve ice cream and chestnut lovers, and sweet tooth! Chestnuts are also provided by an acquaintance of the owner, Mr. Tanaka. ※ It is a seasonal menu.

– Roasted Pork with Onion Sauce –

It is a roast using mochirai pork, which is a local brand meat. The meat is very soft, and it is a dish that you can enjoy the umami and sweetness that comes out of the fat, which is also a characteristic of Borai pork. It is a recommended new that I would like you to eat by all means for those who want to taste Mochirai pork! ※ It is a seasonal menu.

~ Galette of buckwheat flour ~

It is a dish that you can enjoy the chewy texture of galette and fresh vegetables at the same time. While enjoying the flavor of buckwheat flour, you can taste several kinds of vegetables with different flavors. ※ It is a seasonal menu.

~ Open sandwich of chicken mune burdock and pumpkin ~

It is a dish that you can taste sour chicken mune meat with sweet paste pumpkin and mayonnaise with sticky bread. It is said that bread uses the popular bread shop “Youmi kage” in To be betsu-cho. < Basic Information > Name: Gogoku Farm Cafe Address: 87-3 Takaoka, Yawata-cho, Ishikari City Tel: 080-1885-0050 Business hours: 11:00- Sunset Lunch until 14:30

The brown hot spring favored by the princess standing in the palace in a dignified figure

In Benten-cho, where the Ishikari River intersects the Sea of Japan, there is a hot spring “Banya-no-Yu” that imitates The Gonden (Banya), a product of the era when herring fishing once held the hegemony in the fishing industry in Hokkaido. First of all, when you enter the store, you will meet the princess of this banya. The name is Yuki-chan, and the clerk says that as an animal that suits the hot spring, he got lost in monkeys or capybaras, but if it is a monkey, it is thought that it can escape from the blue sky ceiling of the courtyard, and it seems that it was a capybara that can be expected to have a healing effect. The hot springs here are brown and 100% hot spring source. Compared to other hot springs, it is characterized by being less cold and has a heat retention effect, and the hotel has plenty of places to rest, so you can relax with satisfaction. The clerk’s recommended way to relax is to first take a hot spring, warm your body, then eat at the cafeteria where you also have a lunch buffet, and slowly fill your heart with a reclining with a small TV on the second floor when your stomach is filled. This is a place that heals the fatigue of a day trip, and you can stay overnight. Why don’t you come by all means? Capybara cookies are also sold. < Basic Information > Name: Ishikari Natural Hot Spring Banya-no-Yu Address: 51-2 Bentencho, Ishikari City Business hours: 10:00-24:00 Closed: None ※ Closed 2-3 times a year for maintenance, but in that case it will be announced on the website