I want to enjoy my hobby golf in Sapporo, where the climate and people are kind.

Ms.Noriko Shibata
●58 years old living in Sapporo
●7 years of residence
●Hometown Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture
*interviewed in June ,2021

In Sapporo where the climate and people are kind
I want to enjoy my hobby golf from now on.

More than 100 times a year of hobby golf! If you like golf, I think it’s an enviable story, but it may also be a great reward for a life that you’ve worked so hard for. We asked Ms.Noriko Shibata (hereafter abbreviated title) about the background and future of emigration to Noriko Shibata( hereafter, title omitted) who was born in Kansai and moved to Sapporo for work and decided to live in Sapporo as it is after retirement.

It is warm in winter and easy to spend in summer!

——— from Kansai, But could you tell us how you lived in Sapporo?

Shibata: I worked at a major department store in Kansai for many years, and about 10 years ago I was in charge of events for the head office organization, and in 2014 I was moved to the Sapporo store. Until then, I had come to Sapporo many times on golf trips, but even though I had not actually experienced it in winter, my impression of Sapporo was that it was cold in winter and it seemed to be difficult with snow. However, when I actually came to live in Sapporo, such a thought was easily overturned. I moved in mid-February, and I thought there was a lot of snow, but I was more moved by the warmth in the house than that. To be clear, it is colder in Kansai houses. It is said that it cools down. Also, once you know how easy it is to spend this summer, you will never feel like going back to that harsh summer in Kansai again. In addition, I decided to live in a place of residence on the point that I could walk to work in case of an event, so there is no inconvenience in the environment where I live now. My sister in Kansai has come to play many times, but she has already become a favorite of Sapporo and has begun to say, “I will come here in the future.”

The city and the countryside are just right for you.

——— in Sapporo even after I retired from the 1980s. The reason is?

Shibata: I was in charge of events, so doing various things changed my mood and was rewarding. The relationships were good and I had no complaints, but when I asked myself if I could continue to work until the age of 65 as the retirement age system was extended, I bedded to think that it would be a little difficult to keep working as it is. I want to do what I like now while I’m fine. I decided to retire early because I wanted to enjoy my favorite golf to the fullest, and decided to stay in Sapporo, which is easy to spend in the climate. The best condition to relax was “climate”. Although Sapporo is a city that is kind to the climate, the rural scenery spreads as soon as you stretch your legs a little, and you can breathe in negative ions to your heart’s content. The city and the countryside are just right to enjoy
The environment in Sapporo was the perfect gusset for me, who loves golf.

A sense of superiority living in a popular gusset.

——— do you want to live in Sapporo in the future?

Shibata: In the retirement year of 2020, I enjoyed playing golf as a hobby, and most of it was a casual course with only meals and no bath, but I achieved more than 100 times for the first time in my life! Now, while working part-time as a receptionist at the indoor golf driving range I used to attend, I sometimes enjoy living as a hobby of round and profit. I don’t want to do anything in the future, but while I’m healthy, I want to enjoy my hobby of golf and expand the connections of my golf buddies and spend meaningful time. Even if you look at human nature, I think that this person is calm and gentle. I have the impression that everyone in Tokyo and Kansai is very restless.
A long time ago, when I was in Kansai, when I ate asparagus bought at a supermarket, I thought that “there is a sedge and it looks like bamboo”, but when I started living in Hokkaido and ate asparagus, I was surprised at its deliciousness. I was hooked for a while and continued to eat asparagus. If you take a questionnaire, Sapporo is a regular of gussets who want to go on a trip. I feel a little better that I live in a popular gusset that everyone wants to go to.