Tobetsu town is a town where owls call happiness. – Food and nature on foot –

Tobetsu Town / 52-6 Yayoi, Tobetsu-cho, Ishikari County Other
Hokkai Gakuen University
Faculty of Business Administration Mai Sekine 4th year,
Faculty of Law Kenshin Yukita 3rd year,
Faculty of Business Administration Shuon Itsukaichi 2nd year,
Faculty of Business Information Studies Kaede Sato 2nd year,
*Interviewed in December, 2021

To bess town is a town where owls call happiness. – Food and nature on foot –

Tobuetsu town is a town adjacent to Sapporo. Therefore, it is easy to access and easy to visit. To get to JR Towetsu Station in Towetsu Town, you can take the Satsunuma Line (Gakuen toshi Line) from JR Sapporo Station for about 40 minutes and transportation costs for 750 yen for adults. When you cross the Ishikari River and enter Tobetsu Town, the scenery from the train window changes completely and the rural scenery spreads out. Owls are chosen for birds in the town of To be bess. Owls greeted us in various places such as stained glass, information boards, tiles, shutters, etc. inside and around Tobetsu Station. The unique shutters with owls depicted were drawn around 1996 by people who are working on signs living in the town. You can see that owls are a symbol of the town. Why don’t you walk and find out? By the way, this time, I will introduce the unique restaurants of “Owl Street” located about a 3-minute walk from To betsu Station and the surrounding parks. There are also restaurants on Fukuro Street where you can take out, and you can eat in the great outdoors in the park around Owl Street. The scenery of the four seasons of Tobetsu town is very beautiful and it is sure to be Instagrammable.

What is Owl Street?

We asked the person in charge of The To bepetsu town office about why it is called Owl Street. “Owl Street was originally a road name called Nakadori Line, and when I solicited the nickname around 1998, it was named ‘Owl Street’ because it contained owls, which are the birds of the town, and it seems to be familiar.” It is said. If you go down Fukuro Street, you will arrive at four wonderful restaurants where you can feel the charm of this different town and people that we interviewed. Let’s proceed from Tometsu Station.

A coffee shop where you can enjoy a relaxing space like your parents’ home

“Coffee and omurice shop Coffee Koko” is about a 4-minute walk from Tometsu Station. The interior of the store is a space where you can calm down with interiors and background music that feel nostalgic somewhere. Taking over the original coffee shop, we started a new business as “Coffee Shop Koko”. There are many regulars from the previous shop, but it is a warm atmosphere that is easy for first-time visitors to enter. The shop’s signature menu is “Old-fashioned Omurice” (790 yen including tax*). In response to the voices of many customers, takeout is now possible. Because the egg is slowly baked over low heat, the surface of the egg has a plump finish with little burn. Ketchup is made from Numata Town, and it is an omurice filled with a lot of attention (ketchup can be purchased separately). In addition, there is an old-fashioned menu that seems to be a coffee shop. * As of december 2021 , we interviewed mr. Ogata, the manager, and Mrs. Nakayama, the owner’s wife, and said, “This café was born from the desire to create a place where various people can play an active role by making use of each person’s skills and abilities. When you come to the store, there may be new discoveries. In the future, he also said, “I would like to increase the number of stores in Towetsu-cho and establish a model for creating an operation and system that can be used outside Hokkaido.” Finally, “To betsu-cho is only a kind person, so please come by all means because you can enjoy it even if you come casually!” I felt that the warm atmosphere of the shop was o’m o’s out in the comment. < Shop Information > Opening hours: weekdays/ 10:00 to 21:00, Saturdays, Sundays, national holidays / 8:30-20: 00 Closed: Thursday Phone number: 0133-23-3551 Address: 52-6 Yayoi, Tobetsu-cho, Ishikari-gun Official Instagram: Coffee Shop Here (@cafecoco2018) • Instagram Photos and Videos

If you want to eat near Sapporo, here! A restaurant where you can easily take out Yezo deer dishes

“Gibier Kobo DeerShop Co., Ltd.” is about a 4-minute walk from Tobetsu Station. Mr. Sato, manager of DeerShop, responded to this interview. DeerShop is a takeaway specialty store where you can taste rare venison (Yezo deer meat). There is a commitment that the venison provided only serves what the representative of the company and the hunters he recognized have killed. Hunting in or near Tometsu Town contributes to reducing the damage to crops in the town. For the treatment of venison, it is dismantled after it is finished, and it matures for 2 weeks after the preparation and processed. We provide odorless venison by quickly draining blood. In addition to the space where you can wait until the food is served, there are other processed products on display. It is located in a shopping street, but there is a parking lot, so it is nice to be easy to go by car. The most popular menu item is the hamburger (600 yen including tax*). You can cook on the spot and have them provide freshly prepared. It is a hamburger with fresh cabbage, yezo deer meat cutlets, and shop original sauce on fujisawa confectionery buns in the town. There was no smell at all and it was juicy and very delicious. * The menu and price are at the time of coverage (December 2021) When I asked mr. Sato, the manager of the store, about the rewardingness of the shop, he said, “I feel rewarded when people who are wondering whether venison is delicious say that it is delicious.” As for venison, he said, “I want many people to know that it is a food that can be eaten easily like pork or chicken!” DeerShop processed products are sold at several stores in the town, including a fureai warehouse next to Tobane Station. Please come and eat delicious venison! < Shop Information > Opening hours: 10:00-17:00 Closed: Mondays (Tuesdays if Monday is a national holiday) Phone number: 0133-23-2900 Address: 52-19 Yayoi, Tobetsu-cho, Ishikari-gun Official website: Official Instagram: Jibier Studio (@gibie.koubou) • Instagram photos and videos

Stylish and warm shop with West Coast motif

Café Kitchen Offshore is a 5-minute walk from Tobes Station. It is open from 11:30 a.m. to 21:00, so you can easily visit anytime. You can enjoy many menus that evoke the image of America, such as hamburgers, pastas, pizzas, etc. We use seasonal vegetables and ingredients from the local area. The store is also equipped with an outlet and Wi-Fi, and it is used not only for lunch and dinner with friends, but also for celebrations and meetings. The most popular menu item is the Offshore Burger (1,300 yen excluding tax*). In the wake of the spread of the new coronavirus infection, we are also focusing on takeout menus. * The menu and price are at the time of coverage (December 2021) Mr. Yamada, the store manager who heard this story, said that he used to work in Sapporo. It seems that the desire to contribute something to the local town of To beshiki led to the opening of Offshore. At the end of the interview, he said, “Offshore’s goal is to have a long-loved shop, and there are still unknown ingredients and spots in Tobetsu Town. I want many people to visit Towetsu Town!” He told me. < Shop Information > Opening hours: 11:30-21:00 (last order 20:30) Closed: Wednesdays, first and third Thursdays Phone number: 0133-27-5414 Address: 51-26 Prage NL43-1F Official Instagram: Cafe & Kitchen (@offshore_tobetsu) • Instagram photos and videos

A good old coffee shop that has been operating since 1979

Cafe Junon is a 6-minute walk from Tobeng Station. Mr. Sueda, who runs the shop alone, responded to this interview. When Café Junon started operating, invader games were all the rage around me. As a result, the “coffee shop boom” occurred, where the number of customers using coffee shops increased. There are many restaurants such as coffee shops around, and even though competition is intensifying, and even now that the boom has passed, it continues to operate in this way. The popular menu is yakiniku rice, and there are also Neapolitan and tarako pasta, natou spa, hamburger set… Desserts such as pancakes are also available! * Menus and prices are those at the time of coverage (December 2021) Not only the restaurant meals, but also the atmosphere inside the store is one of the charms of Mr. Junon Coffee Shop. There are many works in the store. All of these are handmade by Keiko!! He teaches clay crafts in the classroom on the second floor. < Shop Information > Business hours: 13:00-19:00 Closed: Monday (subject to change) Phone number: 0133-23-2851 Address: 51 Yayoi, Tobetsu-cho, Ishikari-gun ※The restaurant introduced may be partially changed during business hours and regular holidays due to the influence of the new coronavirus. For details, please check the official website, Instagram, etc.

3 recommended spots for those who want to eat delicious rice while enjoying nature

I will introduce a park where you can eat takeout rice. All parks are within walking distance of Owl Street and have covered benches.

~ Shirakaba Park ~

It is a park in front of you from the north exit of Tobes Station. There is a sense of freedom, and you can enjoy it like a picnic.

~ Poppo Park ~

It is a park adjacent to the left side leaving the South Exit of Tobenetsu Station. There is a train figurine, and it is recommended as an Instagrammable point. Please note that in winter, it is covered with snow removal sheets (the train could not be seen at the time of coverage).

~ Aso Park ~

This park is a 2-minute walk from DeerShop. Adjacent to Toboetsu Shrine, there are playground equipment and a baseball field in the park, and it is a very large site. You can enjoy the four seasons such as “Cherry Blossoms” in spring, “Tobetsu Fireworks Festival” in summer, “Autumn Leaves” in autumn, and “Aso Snow Square” in winter. The “Tobetsu Fireworks Festival” is an event where you can enjoy beer parties, fairs, and fireworks festivals at the same time. The fireworks launch site is very close, and the realism of “Fireworks on top” that can not be tasted at other fireworks festivals is attractive. It is a popular event from locals, and many people come from Sapporo. In “Aso Snow Square”, you can experience large slides, snowmobiles, snow cars, horse sleds, mochi pounding, etc. All of these experiences are free. In addition, fireworks are also held, and you can enjoy the winter scenery and fireworks at the same time that are a little different from summer. It is an event that not only children but also adults can enjoy. * Event content is subject to change. < Address List> Shirakaba Park: No detailed address available. It is in front of the north exit of JR Ishikari Tobetsu Station. Poppo Park: 55 Shirakaba-cho, Tobetsu-cho, Ishikari-gun, Hokkaido Aso Park: 53-10 Motomachi, Tobetsu-cho, Ishikari-gun, Hokkaido This introduction is that! The people at the shop we interviewed were warm, very good at talking, and we talked about various stories during the interview. There were plenty of unique shops such as shops where you can feel the atmosphere of overseas just by being there, and shops with attractive warm atmospheres that have continued since the Showa era. Owl Street, which was not well known around us, was able to discover a lot of shops full of charm. By all means, please visit Fukuro Street!

Bonus – To be be 10-machi recommended point that I asked the people of the town ~

~ Mr. Yamada of Offshore ~

I think that you can enjoy the scenery that changes with the seasons such as cherry blossoms of Tobetsu Shrine in spring, rape blossoms field and light purple flax spreading all over in summer, rice ears in autumn, snow scenery in winter.

~ Mr. Nakayama here in the café ~

Lexand Memorial Park in The Swedish Hills. The observation deck is attached and the view from there is very beautiful. The people of Tobetsu town are very warm and get along well once (laughs)