Kirari☆Ishikari (Toyohira River) found by university students on the marathon course

Toyohira River/Mr. R.K., a second-year student, Faculty of Business Administration, Sapporo Gakuin University
Chuo-ku, Toyohira-ku, Minami-ku, Sapporo City
*Interviewed in July ,2021

A first-class river representing Sapporo city that appears during marathon competitions

The Toyohira River is a first-class river representing Sapporo City, which flows from south to northeast. In the marathon competition, you will cross the Toyohira River at about 5.5 km point Horohira Bridge (pictured) and Minami-Shichijo Ohashi Bridge at about 11 km point. In addition to a promenade on the riverbed, a fireworks display is held in summer, making it a place of relaxation for Sapporo citizens.

An indispensable presence in Sapporo City

 It is 40 minutes by train from New Chitose Airport. A large river that extends around the time when it is guided as “Sapporo soon”. That is the Toyohira River. With a total length of 72.5 kilometers, it is a tributary of the Ishikari River, which is famous for being the longest in Hokkaido. There are many residential areas around the river. The riverbed is maintained by Sapporo City as toyohira river green space (pictured), and there are promenades, park golf courses, sports facilities such as tennis courts, water playgrounds called water gardens, etc., and it is popular as a place of relaxation for Sapporo citizens. In addition, the Sapporo Marathon, which is a half marathon in July and a half marathon in October, is held every year, and sapporo citizens and tourists are excited. In addition, the Toyohira River provides 98% of sapporo’s tap water sources. In other words, in Sapporo City, most of the water that comes out by twisting the faucet is the water of the Toyohira River. The Toyohira River is an indispensable presence for Sapporo City.

A unique bridge over the Toyohira River

The Toyohira River is characterized by a unique bridge. First of all, the bridge introduced in the first is Horohira Bridge. The bridge is located about 5.5 kilometers above the marathon course, and the athletes are supposed to actually pass through it. A major feature of this bridge is that it can be raised to the arch bridge part. If you go up, you can see the magnificent View of the Toyohira River (depending on the local situation, you may not be able to go up). The second bridge I will introduce is the Munich Bridge (pictured), which is about 2.5 km upstream of the Horohira Bridge of the marathon course. It was named after the construction started in 1987, the year of the 15th anniversary of the sister city partnership between Sapporo City and Munich, Germany. A major feature of this bridge is the striking shape of the bridge. It is a bridge called The Cable-stayed Bridge, and there are only dozens of cases in Japan. Finally, both bridges are lit up at night. It is also recommended to see the fantastic night view of Sapporo City, which has been certified as japan’s new three major night views, along with these bridges.

Finally, I want to tell you more.

The city of Munich, which is the sister city of Sapporo City, which became the name of the bridge, is held every winter at Odori Park, the starting point of the Tokyo Olympic Marathon competition, as a proof of friendship, and it is a winter feature of Sapporo. I think that there are many people who do not know its existence outside hokkaido, but the Toyohira River is a water source for Sapporo citizens, a place of relaxation, and a place where salmon go up. In addition, the Toyohira River is a place full of charm, with unique bridges that encourage interaction and impressive stories on each bridge. The Toyohira River is not very noticeable in Sapporo City, which has many sightseeing spots, but I would be happy if you could learn about the charm and importance of the Toyohira River and the new charm of Sapporo City.