Ishikari Subprefectural Bureau

The origin of the place name “Ishikari” is the Ainu word “Ishikaribetsu” which refers to the Ishikari River flowing in the jurisdiction, and its meaning is variously interpreted as “a river that winds and flows” and “a river that (God) made beautifully”. increase. The history of Ishikari begins when the Matsumae Domain established a salmon trading center in what is now Ishikari City, and has a history of more than 300 years. Until the Hokkaido Development Commission was established in Sapporo in 1897, fishing was a major industry. Since then, agriculture has made remarkable progress due to the settlement of many immigrants and Tondenhei and the introduction of Western-style farming methods. Currently, the area under the jurisdiction of the Ishikari Promotion Bureau consists of 6 cities, 1 town, and 1 village, and is expected to play a leading role in the economy and culture of Hokkaido, centered on Sapporo.

Former Hokkaido Government Office Building
A brick building known as the "Red Brick Government Office". Built in 1888 (Meiji 21).

Municipalities under the jurisdiction of the Ishikari Subprefectural Bureau
Sapporo City Eniwa City
Ebetsu City Ishikari City
Chitose City Kitahiroshima City
Tobetsu Town Shinshinotsu Village

Sapporo City

Sapporo Clock Tower
The official name is "Former Sapporo Agricultural School Performance Hall". At the suggestion of Dr. Clark, it was built in 1878 (Meiji 11) as a central auditorium for military training, entrance and graduation ceremonies for agricultural school students.

With a population of 1.95 million, it is the political, economic and cultural center of Hokkaido where the city and nature are in harmony. There are many tourist events such as the internationally famous "Sapporo Snow Festival", which is visited by many people from home and abroad.

Ebetsu City

An industrial heritage of Ebetsu City known as the "Red Brick Town". It is crowded with restaurants and markets that take into consideration regional development and local production for local consumption, as well as antenna shops that sell special products from Ebetsu and sister cities.

Located in the central part of the Ishikari Plain, it has developed as a town of paper and brick. Adjacent to the east of Sapporo City, we are focusing on child-rearing support. We are also promoting the attraction of food-related industries. There is Nopporo Forest Park, a primeval forest on flat land, which is rare in the world.

Chitose City

Lake Shikotsu
A caldera lake formed by the accumulation of water in a depression created by the eruption of Lake Shikotsu about 40,000 years ago. The origin of the name is "Shi Ko" which means "big depression" in Ainu language.

It is an important city for air and land transportation, where the gateway to the sky in Hokkaido, Shin-Hoshisai Airport and JR, and the high-speed motorway connect. It has Shikotsu-Toya National Park and is blessed with nature.

Eniwa City

Flower Road Eniwa
Road and river station in Eniwa City known as "Flower Town". It is located along National Highway No. 36, between Sapporo and New Chitose Airport.

Located in the center of the Central Hokkaido area, it is a city that has abundant natural countryside and urban functions. Gardening is also popular, and it is also one of the leading flower seedling producing areas in Hokkaido, and is known as the "Flower Town".

Kitahiroshima City

Elfin Road
Nickname for the Kitahiroshima city section of the cycling road that connects Kitahiroshima city and Sapporo city. The Hiroshima 30km road race is held every June.

Adjacent to the southeastern part of Sapporo, Dr. Clark left behind the saying, "Boys, be ambitious." Inheriting the frontier spirit of our predecessors who succeeded in rice cultivation in cold regions, we aim to create a prosperous city in harmony with nature and creativity under the themes of "hope," "exchange," and "growth." Pride of gusset

Ishikari City

Lover's Sanctuary / Atsuta Observatory
In July 2006, he was first selected in Hokkaido for the "Lover's Sanctuary" project, which selects 100 tourist spots suitable for pledged love and proposals.

Adjacent to the north side of Sapporo City, it has the only coastline in the jurisdiction. It was crowded with salmon trade in the early Edo period, and in recent years it has continued to develop as a logistics and energy base in the Central Hokkaido area centered on "Ishikari Bay New Port".

Tobetsu Town

Sweden Hills
Built as an exchange base due to the similarities of the streets and climate on the outskirts of Stockholm. Every year, before and after the summer solstice, a Scandinavian-style summer festival "Summer Solstice Festival" is held.

Adjacent to the northeast of Sapporo city. While making agriculture a core industry, we aim to create a beautiful garden city with improved urban infrastructure. Safe and secure agricultural products, beautiful rural landscapes, healing and relaxation are the most attractive points of this town. We have been having sister city exchanges with the city of Leksand, Sweden, which is an advanced country of environmental welfare, for many years.

Shinshinotsu Village

Shinotsu Park Campground
Adjacent to Shinotsu Lake. Golf courses, park golf courses, and hot spring facilities are gathered in the surrounding area, and it is a popular leisure spot that can be easily visited within an hour's drive from the Sapporo area.

Located at the eastern end of the Ishikari jurisdiction on the right bank of the Ishikari River, it is famous as one of the leading "rice villages" in Hokkaido. In recent years, taking advantage of the suburbs of the city, safe and delicious, clean agriculture aiming at the production of agricultural products, development of tourist facilities, and other distinctive town development have been promoted.