On the detour from the airport to Sapporo! Half-day tour course with food, shine and experience greed

Eniwa City/Eniwa City Ranch 277-4 Others
Hokkai Gakuen University
Faculty of Law Department of Law Yuka Ozaki 2nd year,
Faculty of Engineering, Department of Electronics and Information Engineering Misato Okumura 1 year,
Faculty of Business Administration 1 year Arakawa Kodai,
Faculty of Law 1 year Mizuki Ishikawa
*Interviewed in October, 2021

On the detour from the airport to Sapporo! Half-day tour course with food, shine and experience greed

Eniwa City is a city that focuses on flower town planning, and it is also a city with good transportation, halfway between New Chitose Airport and Sapporo. Why don’t you stop by Eniwa City before you go to Sapporo to increase your exciting memories? Recommended tour course that can be enjoyed along National Route 36 leading to Sapporo!

~ Introduction of model course ~

Eniwa City → (Ekorin Village), → Chitose City (New Chitose Airport) → Eniwa City (Café Shokudo Kizuna) → Eniwa City (Hanafuru), → Eniwa City (Larmanai Nature Park) → Sapporo City

Ekorin Village

Ekorin Village is an ecology theme garden operated by Aleph Co., Ltd., which develops “Surprise Donkey”. In addition to food, we can feel close to living things such as flowers and animals, and we are focusing on the SDGs. The property is divided into two areas, the East and West areas, and there are many facilities to enjoy. In the east area, there is “Tomato Forest” where you can see the world’s best tomato tree, and “Welcome Center” where you can find original products and Hokkaido souvenirs from Ekorin Village. There is also a café space at the welcome center. In the western area, there is a “Galaxy Garden” where you can enjoy visually, a farm tour, a sheepdog show, and a “green ranch” where you can meet animals such as alpacas. “Green Ranch” exhibits cute animals such as alpacas and llamas. Alpaca Nana- chan, who has a white hair color, seems to love the camera, and when she calls for “Nana-chan”, she comes by. In the “Tomito Forest” in the east area, you can see the greatness of life and the power of nature. Instead of growing on soil, tomatoes grown by hydroponic cultivation freely grow roots in the aquarium and grow one large tomato trunk from one seed. If you actually see it, you may be surprised by the power more than you imagined …? Many tomatoes grown there are processed into jam or powdered and processed into potato chips, and are sold at the welcome center in the facility.

CAFE Cafeteria. Kizuna

Cafe Cafeteria Kizuna has been run by Mr. and Mrs. Asano since 2013. The name of the restaurant, Kizna, was aimed at connecting producers and customers mainly in Eniwa City. Many lunch menus are sourced directly from farmers in Hokkaido. Limited-quantity Kizuna plates are recommended because you can enjoy seasonal menus on a daily basis. Kaori, a mom, started latte art on her own since her founding, and in 2017 she won the UCC Coffee Masters tournament. We also saw it live, but we were particular about beans and how to brew them, and it was a masterpiece that amateurs could not imitate. The recommended menu for students is kizna plate (¥1,419) and a limited-time menu at the time of coverage (11/28), tomato sauce of nakasatsunai chicken, soy milk soup of carbatchio sweet potato and onion of fukraggi, rice, salad, Hokkaido fries and volume. In addition, it seems that keema ome curry (¥1,089) using thick egg and fried plate (¥1,089) are discounted by 100 yen at lunchtime. *Menus and prices are current as of the time of coverage (November 2021)

Hanafuru, a base for flowers

Hanafuru is a complex centered on a garden area with the concept of creating a tourist base that imagines the “Hana-no-machi Eniwa”, and is a place of relaxation for eniwa citizens and travelers. At the main facility of Hanafuru, the road and river station “Hana Road Eniwa” and the agricultural and livestock products direct sales shop “Kannana”, there are many specialties and souvenirs of Eniwa City, and it is located along National Route 36 and access is very good. In particular, in the garden area created in 2020, gardeners representing Hokkaido are in charge of designing seven gardens with different concepts, aiming to manage plants and facilities based on the SDGs that are environmentally friendly. Together with the citizens of Eniwa, where activities related to flowers are active, we are creating a wonderful “place” for the future. In addition, there are events, and in November, you can enjoy events such as the Hanafuru Sky Lantern Festival where lanterns made of paper are floated in the sky.
In Hanafuru, there are other meeting facilities that can be used for children’s playgrounds such as Eria Family Garden “Lia” and conferences, RV Park Hana Road where you can stay overnight in a car, Fairfield by Marriott Hokkaido Eniwa (accommodation scheduled to open in spring 2022), Hanafuru is a traveler, No matter who the citizens come, you can feel nature and spend a relaxing and fulfilling time.

Extra Larmanai Nature Park

Larmanai Nature Park is located about 18 km from eniwa city center, heading towards Lake Shikotsu on Road Route 117. At Larmanai Nature Park, you can enjoy three waterfalls: Hakusen Falls, Sandan Falls, and Larmanai Falls. The recommended attraction is to look at Larmanai Waterfall from the waterfall spot on the bridge. In addition to being able to feel the power of the waterfall in front of you, you can also take refreshing and bold photos by combining the colors with the surrounding trees.