A guide that can only be done by "only two couples". Have the best memories in a homey atmosphere!

Oshikoto Farm Co., Ltd. (Ishikari HorseTreck) / Ms.Yasuko Oshiro ●5266 Bitoe, Tobetsu Town, Ishikari-gun ●TEL:011-770-4100 *Interviewed in July ,2021

A guide that can only be done by “only two couples”. Have the best memories in a homey atmosphere!

Ms.Yasuko Oshiro (hereinafter referred to as “honorific”) who is engaged in horse trekking business by two couples in Tobetsu Town, Ishikari-gun. Both of our husbands and wives love Hokkaido, and that thought changed to “I want to live in Hokkaido” and my dream was fulfilled wonderfully. Visitors can enjoy the extraordinary senses seen from the horse, taste the homey atmosphere of Hokkaido, and return to their daily lives with energy again. We asked Ms.Yasuko Oshiro (hereinafter referred to as “honorifics”) who laughs brightly like the refreshing summer sky of Hokkaido about her current business in Hokkaido and her thoughts on the future.

I wanted to live in the country someday.

——— develops a business to provide horse trekking in Tobetsu Town. How did that process? Also, where do you have many customers coming from? Oshiro: We took over the management in 2005 from the founder of Oshiro, and have continued to this day. In fact, our husband and I moved from Yokohama in 1997. Originally, my husband was a big Hokkaido freak, and in winter we came to Hokkaido every year to ski, and it was a wish that we wanted to live in the country someday. When I moved to Tobetsu Town, Hokkaido, I didn’t hesitate to come with my parents. My mother is 91 years old and still in good spirits. As a business, we offer horse trekking from beginners to experienced people at a facility specializing in outdoor riding. It is located about 90 minutes from New Chitose Airport (cars, trains, etc.), and is conveniently located 5 to 6 minutes by car from JR nearest station. As you approach the ranch area, the rich nature of Ishikari spreads out in front of you, and you can enjoy the impression of coming to Hokkaido.

Some of the regulars are women.

——— tell us about the hose trekking offered.

Oshiro This farm is a homely facility operated by two couples who hold trail riding (leader) qualifications among outdoor guides certified by the Governor of Hokkaido. It is reserved by all reservations, and it is set so that even one person can enjoy it without hesitation, mainly private plans. The private plan is unique to private, such as level and age, and it is a content that can be enjoyed not only by beginners and beginners, but also for advanced people. There are many visitors from Kanto,Kansai, and there are many regulars who come alone. For example, if you catch the no. 1 plane from Tokyo, you can get to the farm at 10:30 a.m. There are many people who enjoy a few days slowly, enjoy the day firmly, and return on a day trip. Some veterans of horse riding clubs in Honshu say, “I’ve never run in nature, this is the first time I’ve ever had such a fun horse trek.”

Leaving everyday, extraordinary, fantastic feeling.

———What is the appeal of  horse trekking? And what are your dreams for the future?

Oshiro The scenery on horseback looks different from the scenery you usually see. The scenery flows from a higher-than-usual perspective, and you can enjoy a mysterious extraordinary and fantastic feeling in nature. And there are customers who leave this and go home. “Oh, we’re going back to reality…” I believe that customers will surely be able to convey what they enjoy and enjoy it. Some regulars make their next reservations when they leave. When I tried to make a reservation in the summer, I said, “Oh, it’s hot in August, so my horse looks sorry!” and I said, “No, it’s not just the horse, I’m hot too!” It says and it laughs each other. Because it is done only by two married couples, there are cases where it is not accepted in terms of the number of people. However, there are many guides that can be done because it is only two people. Even in the daily life, even for a short time, I would like to continue to be heartfelt to help you to be healed and refreshed in the rich Hokkaido nature.