Because it was a deep beer making, I chose a gusset called Ebetsu.

Mr.Takeshi Tagaya, Director and Plant Manager, SOC Brewing Co., Ltd.
● 11-5 Motomachi, Ebetsu City
●Established: May 13, 2002
●14 employees
*interviewed in June ,2021

Because it is a deep beer making,
I chose a gusset called Ebetsu.

Beer has a variety that is not available in other liquors, and craft beer is called “craftsmanship beer” in English, and it is contrasted with beer mass produced by major beer companies. SOC Brewing Co., Ltd., which has a brewing base in Gusset right next to Sapporo called Ebetsu, continues to transmit carefully selected beers. We asked Mr. Takeshi Tagaya ( hereafter abbreviated title ) about his thoughts on beer brewing.

My beer prepared by myself!

——— about the company’s founding and what you thought at the time.

Tagaya: In Japan, the revision of the Liquor Tax Law was deregulated in 1994, and small-scale beer brewing began to appear through out in Japan. Aling the boom in local beer was in the doldrums, we started our own business in Sapporo city in 2002. We renovated the Sapporo Soft Stone Stone Brewery in Higashi-ku, Sapporo City and opened a hands-on beer workshop where customers can brew their own “My Beer”. Aling at such a time, we started brewing in 2003 with the aim of making beer that was particular about quality and taste, with the thought that authentic taste should be accepted. With a premium feeling unique to small lot brewing, 50 l per preparation that can be finely managed, we wanted to respond to various needs such as original beer of restaurants, wedding drawers, and “travel memories beer” for tourists. Five years after opening the beer workshop, I exhibited beer in a contest sponsored by the Japan Local Beer Association. I achieved the feat of winning a gold medal in the division. As a result, the volume of orders increased, and we be considered relocating the factory. In April 2009, we expanded and relocated our factory to Ebetsu City, a famous wheat production area in the neighboring city of Sapporo, and have continued to this day while incorporating locally produced raw materials.

Beer making using Haruyutaka from Ebetsu.

——— why did you choose Ebetsu as your brewery base? Also, what are the characteristics of the taste of Veitzen using wheat?

Tagaya: When we were considering where to move Plant, Weitzen was working on a new item. The main ingredient in general beer is barley, but in some European styles there are half barley and half wheat. That’s Weizen. In this effort, we repeated trial production using Ebetsu wheat “Haruyutaka”. At this time, it was a big opportunity to decide where to move the factory because I was very much indebted to the people of Ebetsu.
Wheat has a high protein content, so this protein richness comes out in the taste of beer, and it has a soft taste derived from wheat. The fragrance is also fruity with a special yeast. It is a fragrant beer using wheat malt from Haruyutaka from Ebetsu.

I want to pursue Beer is Art in Etotsu.

——— about your beer type and commitment to our company.

Tagaya: Blue Masters and young brewers who trained in Canada are passionate about brewing NORTH ISLAND BEER. “Beer is Art” was a word conveyed by my teacher during my training in Canada. As the word says, beer is a very deep sake. In addition to five regular beers, North Island Beer also brews limited-edition and seasonal beers in the wanted to make you enjoy a wide variety of beers.
Ebetsu’s gussets have become indispensable for our dream brewing. Ebetsu is right next to Sapporo. I think especially when I came to be based here, if you were born and raised in Ebetsu, Ebetsu Love is very strong. And, the person who came from others is deep. In this gusset wheat “Haruyutaka” and “connection with people”, we would like to aim to make beer is Art that only our company can do for the future.