New JR station "Royce’town" coming on its way. Royce’ and Tobetsu Town become more and more interesting.

Royce’ Confect Co., Ltd. / Ms.Kaeko Kikuchi ●9-1-1, Ainosato 4-jo , Kita-ku, Sapporo ●Established July 1983 *Interviewed in July ,2021

New JR station “Royce’stown” coming on its way. Royce’ and Tobetsu Town become more and more interesting.

Founded in 1983, we launched board chocolate as our first product. The story of Royce’ Confect that began there. In 1999, the plant was relocated to the Futomi area of Tobetsu Town, where almost all of Royce’ products were produced. And in 2022, a new station “Royce’town” is scheduled to open on the JR Satsunuma Line. Starting with a piece of chocolate and now having fans all over Japan and around the world, Royce’ seems to be showing a wonderful success story with this Ishikari region in Hokkaido as a source. At the opening of the new station, we spoke with Ms.Kaeko Kikuchi of Royce’ (hereinafter referred to as “honorifics”).

By chance, Futomi is truly a chocolate-making utopia.

In 1999, ——— Royce’ moved from its founding location, Higashi-Naebo, Sapporo City, to Futomi, Tobetsu Town, and opened the Royce’ Futomi Factory. Please tell us the background and outline.

Kikuchi: Blessed with a cool climate and rich nature, Royse’  Futomi Factory is located in an environment that can be said to be an idealiser for chocolate making. Although it is only a 40-minute drive from Sapporo, there are fields and countryside around, and beautiful snowfields spread out in winter. Royce’ story is born in such a Hokkaido-like landscape. Royce’ chocolate is produced at this beauty factory. The factory is equipped with everything from product development to manufacturing and distribution centers, and as a production base of Royce’, we manufacture thorough hygiene and quality control on a daily basis and ship them from here to customers nationwide. There is also a direct shop at Royce’ Futomi Factory in the factory.

The new station is designed to match Royce’ image color.

——— Please tell us about the outline and thoughts of the opening of the new Royce’town Station on the JR Satsunuma Line in 2022.

Kikuchi: The Futomi Plant has started further expansion work, and we will set up tour facilities at the new plant, so we think that more customers will be able to come from the suburbs such as Sapporo and Ebetsu. Under such a background, To Tobetsu Town and Royce’ concluded a comprehensive partnership agreement, decided to cooperate in urban development, and were able to fulfill our wish to have many customers come to JR. In 2022, in addition to the new plant, a new station will be born designed to match Royce’ image color. I’m also looking forward to it now. The new station is about 200m south of Futomi Factory, and the plaza in front of the station is also scheduled to be developed. By being able to do a new station, it will be easier to come to Royce’, and “Nordic Wind Road Station and Tobetsu” will be closer, so I hope that many people who want to “enjoy various gussets of this kind” will come.

Please look forward to the new factory with factory tour facilities!

———, what kind of existence will the Futomi Factory under expansion work become in a different place where a new wind blows by the opening of a new station?

Kikuchi: The current Royce’ Futomi Factory is loved by people living nearby, and there are many customers who come to Tobetsu Town on a drive to purchase chocolate, and in summer, “I want to eat soft serve ice cream because it is delicious”. At the new factory, there will be a tour facility, and you can see a part of the chocolate production process, so I think you will be more familiar with Royce’ chocolate. The opening of a new JR station, the operation of a new Royce’ factory with a tour facility, and the magnificent and beautiful nature of Tobetsu Town that continues to watch such changes unchanged, these will become one, and I think that this gusset will be more and more fun in the future.