Commuting is easy, child rearing can be made together, sashimi is good. There was no hesitation in emigration.

Mr.Kazuhisa Masuo
●42 years old living in Eniwa City ●2 years of residence ●Hometown Gunma Prefecture
*interviewed in June ,2021

Commuting is easy, child rearing can be together,
Sashimi is good. There was no hesitation in emigration.

For those who are thinking about emigration, there are many reasons for this, but if you have a family, you may want to think carefully about your time with your child. Mr.Kazuhisa Masuo (hereinafter abbreviated title) moved to Eniwa from the Tokyo metropolitan area where he was busy, and seems to feel a sense of fullness of life that has never been felt before.

I have time to play with my children!

——— how you thought about moving to Eniwa, The 19th?

Masuo: I had been thinking about moving to gussets, which are rich in nature, rather than the Tokyo metropolitan area, but I wanted to move when my children entered elementary school, so I acted concretely. I thought about returning to my hometown of Gunma and returning to Sapporo, where my wife’s parents’ home is located, but when I participated in the Hokkaido Migration Fair held in Tokyo, I listened to the stories of the staff of The Garden City, and my feelings turned to moving to Eniwa. In Hokkaido, I was thinking about the suburbs of Sapporo, so in that respect, Eniwa was blessed with nature, and I was attracted to the good location of Sapporo, which is 30 to 40 minutes by train. When I lived in the Tokyo metropolitan area, it took me an hour and a half to commute to work, and now it takes 10 minutes by car. Until then, I had left my child-rearing to my wife, so I was more happy that I had more time to play with my children. Another major point was that there were many facilities where children could be entrusted.

The sashimi sold at the supermarket is delicious.

——— have you actually found life in The Garden and discovered it again?

Masuo: There are many parks for children, so you can go around various parks, and when you climb a mountain a little from the parking lot, athletic playground equipment suddenly appears in the open place, and sometimes you can take the big time with the child in a chartered state.
Also, what surprised me was that the sashimi sold at the supermarket was delicious! That is. To be honest, I didn’t feel like buying sashimi at a supermarket in Tokyo, but at this supermarket, the tuna lean meat is really delicious. It is usually sold at the fence. I was already surprised. It was too delicious, and the frequency of eating fish increased greatly, and the sake rate increased as a result. It is well known that Hokkaido is fresh and delicious in itself, but I was impressed that fresh and delicious sashimi can be bought normally at a supermarket in Eniwa. The cold of winter is cold compared to Hon state, but since the inside of the house is warm, it returns and settles down in winter than in the environment where I lived before. After all, it is easy to spend and comfortable in summer!

I want to brag about various things when my friend comes.

——— you want to do more while living in Eniwa?

Masuo: I’m now attending a rugby school with my children. I feel very good to move my body in a delicious air while feeling nature, and I feel like I can be very healthy.
I worked as a manager of a French restaurant, so I have more interest in food than those who do. Finding a delicious rice shop in the neighborhood is also a big pleasure. The rice from a small set restaurant is also really delicious. It’s a simple menu, but even a grain of rice is exceptionally good. I wonder why.
When a friend comes from Hon province, I would like to introduce a lot of delicious Hokkaido products that I’m proud of like this. I want to take you to a supermarket right next to where I live. If you see fresh fish and sashimi, you will surely be as impressed as I am. I’m looking forward to seeing the amazing faces.
When I lived in Tokyo, even if there was a park, the number and scale were different from here. Because there is a large population, human relations become complicated by all means. Right now, I feel really happy because I have a lot of time with my children because of the joy and deliciousness of nature.