Rich nature and a fulfilling child-rearing environment! Kitahiroshima City as a Candidate for Migration

Kitahiroshima City/Kitahiroshima Chuo 4-2-1 Other
Hokkai Gakuen University
Faculty of Engineering Department of Architecture Yu Koya 3rd Year,
Faculty of Law Ayano Takegahara  3rd Year,
Faculty of Law Hiroki Ishino 2nd year,
Faculty of Business Administration Koito Yokota 1st Year,
*Interviewed in November, 2021

Rich nature and a fulfilling child-rearing environment! Kitahiroshima City as a Candidate for Migration

~ Overview ~

Kitahiroshima City is now attracting a lot of attention as a destination for emigration, triggered by the construction of Esconfield Hokkaido, the new home of the Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters. In this article, we will introduce some of the charms of Kitahiroshima City, a city that is easy to raise children, combining elements of urban and rural areas.

Closer to Sapporo than Sapporo

It takes 16 minutes from JR Kitahiroshima Station to Sapporo Station, 8 minutes to Shin Sapporo (transfer from Sapporo Municipal Subway Tozai Line) and 20 minutes to New Chitose Airport. The expressway is Kitahiroshima IC and Watsu Smart IC, and it is 30 minutes to Sapporo and New Chitose Airport. The good access that is said to be “closer to Sapporo than Sapporo” is convenient not only for commuting to work and school but also when going shopping.

Child-rearing support center “Aiai”

As part of its child-rearing support, Kitahiroshima City provides a number of opportunities for consultation on concerns about child-rearing, including the Kitahirosokusoku Net, a comprehensive consultation desk for pregnancy, childbirth, and child rearing. In addition, there are plenty of facilities that can be used by parents and children, such as multigenerational exchange centers, children’s centers, and libraries. Among them, the facility I would like to focus on is aiai, a community child care support center. The Child Care Support Center is a place where preschool children can play freely, and it is also a place for parents and children to interact. Aiai is located on the first floor of Kitahiroshima City Hall and is one of three regional child-rearing support centers in the city. The facility has many toys and outdoor playground equipment for children, and there is also a picture book corner of about 3,300 books. Picture books are also available for rent. In addition, child-rearing consultations and courses are also held, and there is a child care support coordinator, so please feel free to consult with us if you have any concerns about child rearing. In addition to consultation, you can collect information on child rearing such as kindergartens and nursery schools.

Education considering the future of children

Kitahiroshima City is also promoting integrated elementary and junior high school education as a measure of the one-middle gap, and foreign language education such as the “English Proficiency Test Support Project”, which subsidizes the examination fee up to one-half when students from the third grade of elementary school to the third grade of junior high school who are enrolled in public elementary schools in the city take english tests. In addition, there are “Children’s Future Support Project” and “Children’s Dream Challenge Support Project”. The Children’s Future Support Project is a project that subsidizes the tuition fees for junior high school students to attend cram schools and lessons for households receiving school assistance, welfare, and child support allowances. In addition, the “Children’s Dream Challenge Support Project” is a project that recruits children from 4th grade elementary school to 3rd grade of junior high school living in the city to want to challenge for the realization of their dreams in the future, and when elected, it is a project to realize the challenge while discussing with applicants and supporters by connecting the people, things, money, etc. necessary for realization. In this way, there are many projects that support the future of children, and we have realized the enhancement of education.

Kitahiroshima, a town where greenery lives

Kitahiroshima City is a city rich in nature. There are greenery everywhere in the town, and it can be said that it is a town that coexists with nature. As proof that nature is rich, the “Voice of Migration” on the official website of Kitahiroshima City cited the fact that as many as 35 out of 65 cases were “rich in nature” as the attraction of Kitahiroshima City. As you can see from the voices of this emigration, it can be said that the living environment of Kitahiroshima City is well-equipped from the viewpoint of nature. In addition, there are many parks in the city that can be enjoyed by families, including “Chikuyo Park”.

Features of the Five Districts

Kitahiroshima City has five districts: Omagari, Kitahiroshima Housing Complex, Western, Eastern, and West Village, and you can choose which district you want to move to depending on what lifestyle you want. We will introduce the characteristics of each district. The Omagari area is adjacent to Kiyota Ward in Sapporo City, and there are facilities such as Kururu-no-Mori and Mitsui Outlet Park. It is especially recommended for those who frequent Sapporo city due to high convenience by car and go to Sapporo city frequently due to work. The Kitahiroshima Danchi district is a district mainly composed of residential areas. Because it is composed of the area around JR Kitahiroshima Station, it is the smallest area in the five districts, but it can be said to be the center of Kitahiroshima City. There are six golf courses in the Western Area. As you can imagine from that, it is a district rich in nature. In the eastern area, there are JR Kitahiroshima Station, Kitahiroshima City Hall, and even Hokkaido Ball Park F Village, which is currently under construction. Even in the “voice of migration”, there are many voices that residential areas are quiet and easy to live in, and it can be said that it is an area where it is easy to raise children. The Nishi-no-Sato area is also a region rich in nature. There is an end point of “Elfin Road”, a cycist pedestrian road leading to Sapporo City.

If you are thinking of moving or moving, please consider Kitahiroshima City, which has a lot of nature and an environment that makes it easy to raise children, as a candidate!