Enjoy nature around the airport!? ~ Chitose City One Day Tour Course ~

Chitose City/Chitose City Shikotsuko Onsen And Others
Hokkai Gakuen University
Faculty of Humanities Department of Japanese Culture  Yayoi Ohashi 2nd year,
Faculty of Law Department of Political Science Nanami Kumagai 2 years,
Faculty of Business Administration  Ren Konranashi 3rd year,
Faculty of Law Nanami Haneda 3rd year
*Interviewed in October, 2021

Route Overview

New Chitose Airport → Shikotsuko Onsen → Moss Corridor → Farm Kacha → Roadside Station Salmon Park Chitose

Lake Shikotsu Onsen “Experience the whole scenery and food!” – The charm of Lake Shikotsu”

From New Chitose Airport, it takes about 40 minutes to drive along hokkaido’s tree-lined or continuing road No. 16. Lake Shikotsu Onsen has a plaza and shopping street overlooking Lake Shikotsu, and it is a spot that you should definitely visit when you come to Chitose City.

~ What kind of place is Lake Shikotsu? ~

Lake Shikotsu is a caldera lake that erupted more than 40,000 years ago by Shikotsu Volcano. When you land on the lakeside square, you can see the blue as far as the eye can see! The transparency is also high, and if you go in a bright time, the sunlight reflects beautifully and the spectacle of the masterpiece spreads. In addition, from this square, you can see the plume of Mt. Tarumae, which is still active. If you’re lucky, you might be able to see three plumes clearly!

~ It’s not just “lake”! ~

The surrounding area is a small Shikotsuko Onsen shopping street with a taste. Here you will find many attractive foods such as hokkaido seafood, snacks using potatoes, soft serve ice cream, and more. It is a place full of charm that can satisfy your stomach after seeing the beautiful scenery.

Moss corridor “The scenery that spreads beyond that after walking …”

– Mysterious famous places created by nature –

The moss corridor is a spot where lava when Mt. Tarumae erupts was eroded by swamp water, etc., and it is called so because the rock wrapped in moss looks like a corridor. (There are more than 80 types of moss growing there.) )

– The Road to the Moss Corridor –

To get to the Moss Corridor, walk along the tree-lined promenade to the landmark Kaedezawa Bridge, about 30 minutes from the parking lot in front of the Mollap Campsite. If you follow the 20-minute mark from kaedezawa bridge, the width of the road gradually narrows. The green rock walls on both sides gradually get high, and when I notice it, there is already a moss corridor! The green of moss, the crystal clear air, the scent of plants … I am fascinated by the grandeur of nature. This moss corridor is one of the attractions that the contrast between the green of moss and the red of the autumn leaves is vivid in the green of the moss in summer, and the expression different depending on the season. When entering the mountain, let’s prepare necessary equipment such as bear apelling bell and bear repelling spray.

~ A secret place in Lake Shikotsu? ~

If you look at the opposite lake side from the landmark Kaedezawa Bridge, there is a superb little-known spot like a private beach. The lake Shikotsu seen from there can enjoy a beautiful scenery different from the one seen from the plaza of Lake Shikotsu Onsen.

Farm Kacha “Have a wonderful time at the farm restaurant”

~ The ultimate “Local production for local consumption” freshly harvested ingredients on the spot! ~

Chitose City is working to promote the consumption of local ingredients based on the concept of “Chisan Chisho (local production for local consumption).” Kacha is a spot where you can experience the ultimate senbakusa, where you can get ingredients harvested at the flower tea plantation at the hanacha restaurant! This farm restaurant was born from the desire to become a place of relaxation where visitors can relax on the farm and enjoy the freshly picked food. Originally, ice cream was mainly served, but the owner, Tatsuo Oguri, has a restaurant. The pizza I learned in Naples has now become a signboard menu.

– Italy × Hokkaido “Pizza” –

You can enjoy authentic pizza with plenty of seasonal vegetables baked in a stone kiln directly imported by Mr. Oguri from a long-established manufacturer in Naples. The pizza with plenty of freshly harvested vegetables is truly exquisite …! The interior of the store is impressive with the presence of the only stone kiln in the world with special illustrations. You can spend a blissful time that can only be tasted here while being wrapped in the grilled smell of pizza.

– “Rural Bath” while enjoying ice cream –

Spacious farmland overlooking from large windows. Handmade ice cream with horses and cats while looking at the magnificent scenery is also exquisite. It is a seasonal fruit harvested at a flower tea plantation, and you can also enjoy seasonal flavors. We recommend at dusk. The moment when the sunset sets on the horizon is particularly beautiful. It is a magnificent farm, and it is a “farm village bath” that does not become a forest bath. I’m sure your mind and body will be at your heart.

Roadside Station Salmon Park Chitose “You can’t remove the roadside station for driving!”

The shop with souvenirs and fresh vegetables from Chitose City is attractive. There is also a food court, and popular restaurants in Hokkaido gather. The Chitose River is run up every year by a large number of salmon. At the Chitose Aquarium, the hometown of salmon in the park, you can observe the ecology of salmon and freshwater fish in the northern area. During your trip, please come and finish at the end.