I want to grow more and more with gussets that are exciting for the future.

Mr.Kazuya Ikeda
●37 years old living in Kitahiroshima City
●1 year and 7 months of residence
●Hometown Miyazaki
*interviewed in June ,2021

With gussets that are exciting for the future
I want to grow more and more.

I want to be an actor. I want to move to Hokkaido. I want to grow together with Kitahiroshima City. Mr.Kazuya Ikeda (hereafter abbreviated title) who has been worried about each time he stands at the turning point of his life and has moved forward. Now, I asked about the happy life of Kitahiroshima, where the public and private sectors are working together as citizens to enhance their activities, while also raising children.

Fighters Japan’s no. 1. Move to Hokkaido!

——— how you moved from Tokyo to Kitahiroshima?

Ikeda: I went to Tokyo from Miyazaki to university, but I left to become an actor. After that, he continued to play the actor for six years, decided to marry his now wife, and got a job in Tokyo. At the request of my wife from Kitai, who did not want to raise children in Tokyo, I decided to move to Sapporo, and I decided to move here after receiving a move to Sapporo.
My first child was born in Sapporo, and when I was thinking about moving, I decided to move to Kitahiroshima. At this time, news that the new Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters stadium could be located in Kitahiroshima was released, and for me as a Fighters fan, this was also pushed back by the move to Kitahiroshima. When I was starting out thinking about moving to Tokyo, when I saw the Fighters win the climactic series, play against the Hiroshima Toyo Carp in the Japan Series, and win the match to become the best in Japan, I was playing boys’ baseball and I was a baseball lover, so it burned for a long time. I feel that the emigration to Hokkaido has been further spurred from there.

Kitahiroshima City is becoming more and more interesting.

——— that he is currently participating in various activities. Please let us know what you are and what prompted you.

Ikeda YouTube channel “Kitahiro. TV” assistance in video production and participating as a reporter. I wanted to liven up Kitahiroshima City, which I chose as a place to live for a long time, and I wanted to be accepted as a new resident. It was also because I learned that I was working on YouTube video production mainly for older local people, and I became interested in it. We also participate in the Ball Park Promotion Season Project Team (commonly known as B.D.P),” an organization that promotes ball parks by young volunteers in the city. Last year, B.D.P planned and operated citizen-participation talk events, walking events, and snow sculpture projects to promote ball parks.
In Kitahiroshima, there is a great atmosphere that the government and the people who have never been before will come together to enliven gussets. As one of the citizens, I would like to see gussets grow bigger and bigger and more interesting up close.

I would like to send information to prospective migrants.

——— would you like to share your thoughts on living in Kitahiroshima and what you would like to do in the future?

Ikeda: The other day, I also went to Kuriyama Farm and Heidi Ranch in Naganuma Town. There are animals, so children are happy. Kitahiroshima is right next to Sapporo, but you can feel the big size of Hokkaido. The road in the suburbs is wide, and it goes straight, and if you look at the left and right, the fields and rice fields spread out. It’s fun to drive to your destination. It’s also the most fun to drive aim at.
From now on, as an individual, I would like to convey the goodness of Kitahiroshima to those who are thinking of moving to Hokkaido. I also want to grow together with Kitahiroshima City. With that in that feeling, I would like to continue to actively work on various things.