【Ishikari City official videos】 Ishikari’s summer tradition “Ishikari Marugoto Festa”

“Ishikari Marugoto Festa” is a summer tradition of Ishikari, which is visited by many visitors every year from Ishikari citizens and neighbors. Freshly picked vegetables and dairy products from Ishikari, livestock products, grilled seafood, etc. are delicious in Ishikari! Is a large set. There are plenty of events that both adults and children can enjoy, such as the popular “All-you-can-stuff carrots”, the delicious Ishikari food contest “Ishioshi!”, And quizzes and game competitions. Ishikari City official characters “Salmon Fighter Ruibe” and “Salmon Taro & Sakeko” will also appear. At night, 7,000 fireworks are set off to decorate the summer night sky.